Event Facilitators / meet with greaters

Victor Cho

CEO at Evite

Cynthia Nelson

Managing Partner & Executive Producer, Filtr LIVE, Sony Music Entertainment

Vitaly Pecharsky

Founder, Head of IT Operations at Slickdeals

Joe DeMike

Head of Customer Experience Lab at Google

Darren Herman

VP of Content Services at Mozilla

Michael Huseby

Executive Chairman at Barnes & Noble Education

Andrea Ward

Vice President of Marketing at Oracle

Darian Shirazi

CEO and Co-Founder at Radius

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Conference Schedule /

Welcome Bash @ Drai’s

The IMPACT15 Welcome Bash will be hosted this year at Drais Beach club, and will feature a vibrant collaboration of music, entertainment and surprise VIP guests that all have an Internet Marketing twist. The IMA works all year to produce this 2-hour welcome gathering and looks forward to sharing many new relationships and business opportunities with our attending guests. Special Guests Include:      

Wake Up Breakfast and Exhibitor Showcase

Discover and meet the companies, innovators and thought leaders behind IMPACT15 in a casual environment. Share a continental breakfast and power up on caffeinated beverages with fellow marketers ahead of a full day of exceptional content and opportunities.

Keynote Presentations – Main Stage

Conference kick-off, year in review for the IMA, progress on education, IMA Regional Groups, Women Executives and Marketers, Ventures, Research Lab

Keynotes Include:

Victor Cho, CEO of Evite & James Citron, CEO of Pledgeling - Global Ubiquitous Connectivity

Victor-Cho-7021We are just at the earliest stage of realizing the impact of everyone in the world being connected on a single network. Victor Cho will share how his personal and professional experience shaped his perspective and what he now calls Global Ubiquitous Connectivity (GUC) and its impact how businesses function and thrive. Victor will share a powerful framework that will take you beyond “B2B and B2C” and into a new world where businesses do more than simply deliver value to customers—they create value through their customers. His section will include real world case studies and success stories from the trenches.

Michael Huseby, Executive Chairman of Barnes & Noble Education - Gen Z and their Impact on Education

Michael-HusebyA new generation of students – Gen Z – is growing up as an all-digital, all-technology, all-of-the-time cohort. Self-directed with a do-it-yourself mindset, Gen Zers expect education on their own terms. Michael Huseby, Executive Chairman of Barnes & Noble Education (BNED), will share BNED's latest groundbreaking research on this emerging demographic including Gen Z's distinct values and expectations toward education as well as communication overall.


Omar Tawakol, GM Oracle Data Cloud at Oracle - Re-defining the "Big Idea": How data is transforming creativity and marketing

Omar TawakolWhy are experts "experts"? Is it their amazing "gut instinct"? Where does data come into play? While many people searching for the "Big Idea" paint a picture where art and science are colliding, there is a different path for marketers. 
Oracle Data Cloud General Manager, Omar Tawakol, will take you on a journey to see how the "Big Idea" is being re-defined by Big Data, and how this is ultimately transforming both the culture of creativity, and how marketing can become even more impactful.

Frederick Vallaeys, Google Evangelist and founder of Optmyzr -Innovations in Google search marketing

Fred was one of the first 500 employees at Google where he spent 10 years building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it as Google's AdWords Evangelist. As a technologist at heart, he's always on the lookout for ways that technology can simplify the lives of marketers. As a founding member of the team that created the AdWords Editor, an industry-favorite tool for making AdWords account management more efficient, he knows what it takes to simplify managing AdWords and as a co-founder at Optmyzr, he hopes to continue creating world-class online marketing products.

Vitaly Pecharsky  and Bryant Quan, Co-Founders of Slickdeals - Rising above the Competition

vitalybryant-quanWe will take a quick journey through time to better understand how Slickdeals got started and evolved to be the powerful success story that it is today. In doing so, Vitaly and Bryant will share some of the revolutionary techniques and insight that businesses can use to successfully market to the Internet.
Andrea Ward

CMO Roundtable | Lunch

Moderated by Andrea Ward, VP Marketing at Oracle

andrea_wardA thought-provoking panel of CMOs and Executive Marketers will provide insight on key issues affecting marketing leaders. Following 30 minutes of panel questions and answers, panel participants will join predetermined tables in the audience to lead an interactive discussion and answer questions from attendees sitting at these tables. The tables will also participate in answering preselected questions related to the panel discussions, and the answers will be aggregated and used as the foundation for the IMPACT15 OMC CMO Luncheon Survey Report which will be produced by the IMA Research Lab.

Panelists Include:


Sanjaya-KrishnaSanjaya Krishna Advisory Principal and Digital Risk Consulting Leader, KPMG - Emerging Technology Risk

Keynote Presentations – Session 2

Keynote Presentations:

Darian Shirazi, CEO, Radius - Raising the bar on growth and performance


In this thought-leading presentation, Darian Shirazi, CEO of Radius, will highlight the unique challenges faced by B2B marketers (vs. B2C marketing), discuss how innovative software and the availability of large quantities of customer data are increasing the speed and impact in which B2B marketers are driving business growth, and share the value of real-time connections to current system-of-record platforms like Salesforce and Eloqua

Jack Boland and Brian Bacino at Baker Street Advertising and Tom McDonald, SVP of Marketing for the San Francisco Giants - Together We're Giant jack-bolandTom-McDonaldBaker Street Advertising helped the San Francisco Giants launch an integrated campaign that became a religion among fans, players, coaches, and the media by Discovering a game changing insight within the framework of a sophisticated segmentation model. Then we unleashed Creative based on that insight that quickly sold tickets and spawned waves of engagement, resulting in a National League record 360 sellouts over the last 4+ seasons, and a thriving digital content platform built upon this core belief. See the Discovery, Creativity and Proof of "Together We’re Giant".

Mike Matuz, Found and CEO, First Step Fitness - Wearable Technology in Fitness

Mike Matuz has dedicated his life to helping people create #Impact everyday. Impact means, " I Must Perform At Capacity Today". Part of his message is teaching people how to use wearable fitness technology, smarter movement patterns, and superior recovery techniques to awaken the awareness that everyone can be an athlete in the sport of life.

Pete Deutschman, CEO, The Buddy Group interviewing Darren Herman, VP of Content Services at Mozilla - How Mozilla delivers ROI to marketers while respecting the user

darren-herman In this engaging and interactive presentation, Pete and Darren will discuss some of the key evolutions recently seen around content development and consumption, the impact these trends are having on content platforms, and how Mozilla is leading the charge to respond and deliver ROI to the marketing community, while respecting the user.

Apu Gupta, CEO, Curalate - Content is Commerce, Images Are Revenue with Robin Zucker, SVP Marketing, Playboy

apu-guptaThe way consumers are shopping is changing dramatically—from discovering products in new places, to buying across new channels outside your control, to connecting with “the experience” of images showing products in unique context. In this new world where images evoke inspiration and intent, every picture can become a point of purchase – an opportunity to drive commerce. With more than 2.6 billion images shared daily across the visual web, your brand is no longer just vying for clicks. You’re competing for revenue. And the image is at the center of this.

Exhibitor Showcase and Cocktails

Return to the Exhibitor Showcase to enjoy cocktails and network with the IMA community. Discuss topics presented during the day's Keynotes and Breakout Sessions and visit interactive booths set up by partners and members.

Special Announcement!

Join Oracle Marketing Cloud and IMA’s top digital and social thought leaders for a series of interactive and fascinating interviews with some of the hottest brands and top executives at IMPACT15.

Location: Oracle Marketing Cloud booth in Exhibitor Showcase

Hosted by: Dominick Sirianni, the voice of IMALeader Podcast (@imaleadershow3db61f5

Special guests:
  • Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman of the IMA
  • Victor Cho, CEO of Evite
  • Garrett Pendergraft, Philosophy Professor Faculty Advisor, Pepperdine Mobile Strategy Group
  • Andrea Ward, VP Marketing at Oracle
  • Jeanniey Mullen, VP of Marketing at NOOK by Barnes and Noble
  • Christoph Trappe, Director of Content at Medtouch

Get involved:

digital-marketing-podcast-social-media-seoTo get your burning marketing questions answered by the honored guests, tweet @OracleMktgCloud and @IMA_Network with hashtag #IMPACT15. Many will be selected to be answered live!

And stop by for the chance to make your voice heard and appear on our #itunes New & Notables podcast with Dominick!

Dinner, Awards & Entertainment

Keynote Presentations:

Garrett Pendergraft, Philosophy Professor & Pepperdine University Mobile Strategy Group - The promises and perils of the internet of things

Embedded, connected technology—the internet of things—promises to transform almost every facet of our lives by turning everyday objects into what David Rose has called “enchanted objects.” These increasingly powerful enchanted objects promise numerous benefits to digital marketers, but they also raise new challenges, both ethical and practical, that we should be aware of as the internet of things proliferates. I will highlight some of the most salient benefits and challenges, and offer some suggestions for navigating through a more connected future.


Bobby Baldwin, CEO at City Center & Chief Design & Construction Officer, MGM Resorts International - MGM's commitment to digital and global leadership

darin-archerBobby Baldwin, CEO of CityCenter, a multi-billion dollar resort (once the largest construction project in America), will take the mainstage at IMPACT15, welcome attendees to his resort and share with attendees the innovations that his resort has taken to climb in the ranks as one of the most innovative resorts in the world using advanced methods of Digital Marketing. Everything from the M Life program to room bookings and casino gaming, are all being driven by industry leading technology under Baldwin’s management.


Darin Archer, Director, IoT Industry Solutions, Intel - IoT will make all marketing digital

darin-archerThe Internet of Things means all of the devices around us, in our homes, at work, while shopping, when visiting the DMV, or driving next to us on the freeway will be connected. They’ll know who we are, where we are, and when we are there. Context-driven marketing will shift from being a web and mobile only discipline to one that impacts all marketing channels. Additionally, as marketers we will have even more data about our customers and finally get to know how they use our products without relying on focus groups. This will shift many products to services (think razor blades). In this exciting talk, Darin Archer will discuss some of the ways marketers can leverage data aggregated from IoT solutions being deployed today, and review for us some of the upcoming technologies that will soon transform our lives.

Joe DeMike, Head of Customer Experience Lab, Google - Capture the Mobile Moments with Google

joe-demike_impactThe rise of mobile is accelerating faster than we ever imagined. In many places in the world, mobile is and will be the only option for many due to price and infrastructure. This change in consumer behavior is so radical that it is creating massive disruption in old, entrenched industries and creating new ones. We are in the midst of the largest shift in consumer behavior since the introduction of the web itself.

Breakout Session 1

Cynthia Nelson, Managing Partner & Executive Producer, Filtr LIVE, Sony Music Entertainment - Women Who Kick Ass Entertainment Panel Moderator

Cynthia Nelson

The entire entertainment & media industry has gone through what can only be described as a seismic shift in the past 10 years. From music releases to new ways to consume content every way in which we build, distribute, view, interact, share and activate content has been affected. New companies have been born and yet other industries like music profits have dropped 50%. Consumer behavior has shifted dramatically with a plethora of ways to access and view content and scores of new options appear every day leaving a fragmented audience and landscape for content producers and brands. Join us for a panel of kick ass women who are doing things differently in music, entertainment, digital publishing, health care, and TV production. Each of our esteemed panelists has a unique voice and background including two-time Emmy Award winning producer of the Simpsons & Family Guy, winners of Shark Tank, CMO of an Intel-GE health care company, a long time Latin music maven who’s crossed over to bring a new form of bi-lingual learning for kids, and a executive producer & content dynamo who sold her first company to Disney. While each one of these women come from various backgrounds and experiences, each has a passion to do things differently and on their own terms - no wallflowers here!

Panelists include:

Breakout Session 2

Startup Ventures Battlefield

James Maiocco, GM of Business & Corporate Development at Xero (Moderator)

james-maioccoDiscover how the founders and CEOs of 3 innovative companies have to say about how to be disruptive. Hear about how pHin, Tablelist and RollTech got started and continued to grow leveraging modern marketing techniques to spread their wings and expand the reach of their business.


Startup Panelists Include:

VC judges will feature:
  • Claire Lee, Head of Early Stage Banking at Silicon Valley Bank
  • Kirby Harris, Partner at Base Ventures
  • Aya Zook, Principal at Microsoft Venture

Breakout Session 3

Gretchen West, Commercial Drone Industry Advocate - Drone innovations in Internet Marketing - A Higher Perspective, Moderator

Gretchen-WestDronesX will organize a panel about drones and how autonomy and real-time data capture using drones will revolutionize industries such as Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Transportation and Energy, among every other industry and vertical market. We will invite 5 CEOs of the top 25 drone companies, one representing each of following drone industry sectors – (1) software and autonomy; (2) data capture; (3) data metrics and analytics; (4) sensors, hardware and integration; (5) drone service providers.


Panelists Include:


Breakout Session 2 Track 2

Christoph Trappe, Chief Storyteller at The Authentic Storytelling Project - Influencer Marketing: Everyone is an influencer to somebody

Christoph-Trappe_webOnline (and offline) people listen to their friends. They ask them for recommendations, opinions and feedback on what product to buy, which doctor to see and what gym to attend - to give just a few examples. Brands can now reach people directly, but that doesn't mean that's always a successful tactic. Since people listen to their friends, we try to reach those friends (influencers) who then share our message and story.

This session covers how to run a successful influencer marketing program and helps you get started today.

John Hurley, Head of Product Marketing at Radius - Marketing Meets Machine Learning: A new era of predictive growth

John HurleyIn this forward thinking talk, Hurley will first review a brief history of what led us to predictive capabilities, and then describe how predective analytics are being applied through marketing use cases, and a 'customer growth framework' to help marketers evolve into the new-age.


Breakout Session 3 Track 2

Bryan Rand, Vice President, TransPerfect & Jeff Berg, Content and Platform Champion, 3M Company - WINNING WITH CONTENT @ Scale

Jeff BergT3M and TransPerfect will be presenting: Winning With Content @ Scale. This topic will be extremely relevant for marketing teams and ecommerce professionals who are responsible for digital content creation/delivery to markets around the world.


Rob Holston, Principal, Ernst & Young and Marcie Merriman, Executive Director, Ernst & Young - Winning the hearts, minds, and clicks of Generation Z

holstonmaricImplications for marketers as they develop dynamic consumer experiences and brands with this most connected, global, and technology sophisticated generation. Join two of EY’s senior Advisory executives to discuss EY’s leading research into Generation Z and the implications to marketers as they prepare to create the experiences that build trust and relevance with this most dynamic generation. Self-curated digital experiences and seamless omni-present connections will provide new opportunities to win with this generation who know few physical or digital boarders. Learn how advances in analytics and technology will enable marketers to not only respond but create sustainable advantage across the life-stage of Generation Z.

Breakout Session 1 Track 3

Don Donovan, Founder and CEO at Baker Street - Cracking the Code of Big Data

Don Donovan

Former P&G Research Fellow, and Founder of Baker St Solutions, demonstrates how to deliver maximum personal contribution to your business, and therefore to your career advancement, by cracking the *consumer* code with data analysis. Marketers very often say 'What should be done' to build a business, but Don will show it is far more important to know Why it should be done, and How to prove it should be done -- with the power of data you may already have. The secret lies in causality, context, and clarity of the thinking.


Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst, Adobe Digital Index -Digital Index Top 10 Predictions for the Future

Tamara Gaffney

Ever wish you could get ahead of the rapid pace of change in marketing today? In this session we will take a journey into the future with Adobe Digital Index Principal Analyst, Tamara Gaffney who will make predictions courtesy of big data analysis from across the marketing cloud. This year our crystal ball will focus on upcoming digital video, social media, advertising, mobile and commerce trends. Take home a bit of magic to support your strategic plans and bolster your budget requests and dazzle your co-workers with your ability to outsmart the competition.


Breakout Session 2 Track 3

John Piccone, Chief Strategy Officer at Simulmedia - TV: Powerful, Predictable, Provable, and Profitable. Guaranteed.

John PicconeUntil recently, TV advertising did not have the ROI metrics that digital media does, so marketers may not realize how effective TV is at reaching prospects, retaining customers, and most importantly, driving sales. Data is now moving TV in a direction where, like digital, it is an increasingly predictable, provable, and profitable advertising channel. This talk will take a deep dive into how audience-targeting on TV impacts real sales, and showcase the possibility of fully closing the loop from exposure to outcome through direct data-matching – yes, on TV. John, Piccone, Chief Strategy Officer for Simulmedia, an Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner, will lead the discussion.

Claudio Ludovisi, Former SVP Operational Strategy, NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital - How to successfully face the immediacy challenge across digital and traditional marketing platforms

The success of marketing initiatives, and especially ones across multiple platforms, increasingly depends on the immediacy and relevance of the message. Many notable marketing success stories can be traced to a company’s ability to react in a near-immediate fashion to events as they occur, and deliver appropriate content straight to the right audience. This freedom to act can carry significant risk however: immediate reaction sometimes lead to costly messaging blunders that can take time, effort and investment to recover from, if ever. In this engaging presentation, Claudio Ludovisi will share key governing principles in organizational planning, process design and systems development that can be implemented to enable marketing leaders to rise to the immediacy challenge while maintaining the degree of control and guidance necessary to guard against costly messaging mistakes.


Breakout Session 3 Track 3

Scott Reedy, Director at Pricefalls - The New Supply Chain: From Fat to Flat.

Scott ReedyYour Supply Chain has been on a diet. It’s losing weight at record pace hastened by advent of new selling methods pioneered by Amazon and Google and just about every other online seller. There are some pretty heavy new developments. Amazon leads the charge with Prime and talk of Drones and Dash. Google has snatched some Final Mile companies. Jet.com is experimenting with new ways of buying and unbundling the shopping cart. Marketplaces -- not just products but also services like AirBnb -- are growing at 10x GDP and 3x general online product sales. Something is going on here. What does this mean for an online marketer? Just about everything. The online marketer of today will need to understand the large-scale changes which are leading to changes in every way we communicate with customers and sellers of products.


What’s Driving Your Business?

Damon Ragusa, CEO at ThinkVine

Damon Damon Ragusa is a proven executive focused on startup and early stage companies in the advanced analytics and marketing technology areas. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of ThinkVine, a company of exceptional people leading the marketing attribution and optimization space and delivering economic value to the world’s largest consumer brands

Attribution is one of the most talked about topics in marketing today. As marketers grapple with an ever increasing array of places to invest, with pressures to move spend into digital marketing channels increasing but requirements to manage toward growing brand equity and long-term performance, the need for the right tools to manage marketing spend and execution is reaching a peak. A February 2015 study of CMOs sponsored by McKinsey Consulting, the American Marketing Association and Duke School of Business underscored the importance of marketing mix optimization and attribution services. Here, CMOs forecasted an 83% increase in cross channel analytical marketing services over the next three years – moving from 6% to over 11% of their total marketing budgets. But at the same time there is a crowding of offerings purporting to provide attribution services coming online. And there have been significant changes (and some confusion) in the way digital attribution fits into a broader assessment of marketing recognizing that the overall goal is still around building a complete picture of how marketing drives performance along an increasingly complex path to purchase.
This panel will discuss the topic of attribution with the goal to gain some clarity on where the market is today and where it is leading and how marketers can make the best use of it to drive decision making that maximizes performance.

Moderator: Jeanniey Mullen, VP of Marketing at NOOK by Barnes and Noble

Panelists will include:

  • Cory Treffiletti, CMO, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Brian Monteiro, Ph.D, Sr Principal Data Scientist, AMS A&DM Advisory Practice, Enterprise Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • JB Brokaw, President, North America at Sociomantic Labs

Breakout Session 1 Track 4

Neej Gore, VP of Business Development at Boomtrain - Personalization at Scale: What Marketers Need to know about Predictive Intelligence

Machine Learning is fundamentally shifting the way marketers do their job. Predictive Intelligence allows marketers to automatically send the right message to the right customer at the right time via the right channel - whether you have 1,000 or 10,000,000 customers. In this talk, Boomtrain an “Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner,” VP Neej Gore will provide case studies and demo actionable steps to easily implement this powerful tool to drive customer retention and revenue results.


John Hair, John Hair, Risk Consulting and Digital Services Director, KPMG -It’s time to start running social media like a business

Sanjaya Krishna

Social Media Governance is a topic of increasing importance and relevance. The IMA Research Lab recently conducted a groundbreaking survey and study on this important issue, the results of which will be presented here, along with commentary on what companies should really be considering to properly address related risks and understand how they can operate in a responsibly social manner.

Breakout Session 2 Track 4

Darius Fisher, President, Status Labs - Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression


Before they buy from you, they Google you. Are you happy with what they'll find?

Called “[Scandal’s] Olivia Pope & Associates of the Internet” by the Daily Beast, Darius Fisher helps his clients look their best in search results. During this presentation, Darius Fisher shares the importance of protecting and managing your company's digital presence. Unlike a newspaper that changes everyday, your company's Google search results don't change unless you do something about it.

Darius will share best practices and the SEO, public relations, and content development tools available to fix your search results whether you're a Fortune 500 brand or an individual. Darius will also provide case studies on how to utilize online reputation management services before, during, and after crisis situations.

Mark Friedler, Sr. Director, Retail Marketing at Oracle Data Cloud - How to Leverage Big Data to Enable Retail and Selling Success

In this engaging and practical presentation, Mark Friedler, Sr. Director, Retail Marketing for Oracle Data Cloud will provide insight on what retailers can do with data, and extend his conclusions to offer practical advice for non-retailers as well. You will learn to think about your data as an asset, and understand how the worlds of B2B and B2C intersect when it come to data analytics. In the end, it’s all about people doing business with other people.

At the end of the talk, Friedler will leave attendees with 3 practical ideas to implement in your business, right now.


Breakout Session 3 Track 4

Daniel Incandela, Vice President, Brand & Digital Marketing, Return Path - Yin and Yang: Brand Marketing and Demand Generation

incBrand marketing and demand generation are often managed independently, in separate parts of a marketing organization. Modern marketing requires a blending of these approaches to create a comprehensive strategy that is nimble enough to survive—and even thrive—in a constantly changing landscape. Learn how the ying and yang of marketing can create a great customer experience.


Garrett PendergraftSteven Clough, Founder and President, AVO - The Science of Marketing Everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed “guru” these days. Whether it’s on social media, advertising, or sales, people are quick to share their tips and best practices, yet strongly spoken opinions frequently trump fact and the standards for valid research have slipped to a fraction above fiction. The result is a white noise of conflicting ideas, inaccurate theories, and bad approaches. To help decipher fact from fiction, behavioral economist Steven Clough will explore the consumer mind through some highly accredited clinical research, dissecting some common marketing “best practices” with a scientific lens to see which ones stand up and which ones fall apart. Learn what affects attention, how to break through the clutter, how human memory works, what makes memorable brands, and how we actually make decisions. These studies in neurology, psychology, biology, and sociology can add meaningful direction to your marketing and sales. It might just change everything you thought you knew about your customers.


Farewell Brunch

Guests of IMPACT15 will have a first class farewell brunch at the 5-star Vdara resort located steps from ARIA and on the CityCenter campus. This will provide conference organizers a chance to showcase more parts of CityCenter to our attendees.

Featuring presentations by:

Xero, Solpreneurs

Microsoft, Next Generation Customer Loyalty Programs

At the heart of modern customer loyalty is mobile. It is not just about delivering offers. Loyalty is evolving and increasingly includes exclusive news and content from a range of partners. During this session Microsoft and their partner vMob will illustrate how modern customer loyalty programs are being created for companies like McDonalds through the use of Internet of Things. This will be a thought provoking discussion of how to capture customer interest, create opportunities through return rate and to drive brand affinity.

Frank Luntz, Founder and President at Luntz Global

By a live stream interview with Dr. Frank Luntz, a regular guest on "Meet the Press," and the political genius who discovered Donald Trump's momentum first.

Kaylie Milliken and Melissa Wood, producers of 'Billion Dollar Bully'

The producers of Billion Dollar Bully, Kaylie Milliken and Melissa Wood, will also participate in a live Q&A regarding their new documentary film on Reviews, which raised a record amount via Kickstarter.

Alma Derricks, VP Sales & Marketing, Cirque du Soleil - High Wired: Balancing Traditional and Digital Marketing at Cirque du Soleil "With three decades and 155 million spectators on six continents under its belt, Cirque du Soleil remains an unparalleled force in live entertainment, selling more tickets - nearly 13 million - than all of Broadway combined each year. Even for a company renowned for its creativity, imagination, and innovation, the challenge of adapting to a new generation of consumers, channels, and platforms is no small feat. In an illuminating peek behind the curtain, Alma Derricks, VP of Sales & Marketing for the Resident Shows Division of Cirque du Soleil, offers insights on managing change, maintaining relevance, and embracing wonder in a dynamic digital marketplace."

John Stix, President & Workplace Culture Warrior at Fibernetics Corporation
John Stix, President and Workplace Culture Warrior at Fibernetics Corporation will present an insightful message on corporate culture and the IMPACT of your workplace environment.

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At our 3-day internet marketing conference, you’ll learn the best practices and techniques to build market share and business growth from the industry’s leading experts, explore the latest tools and trends, and network with local and global leaders and professionals. Join us at IMPACT15 and discover ways to increase value to your organization and the Internet community.

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